Eckhard Wollwage

born on 27. May 1963 in Adliswil Zürich. Lives since 1967 in the principality of Liechtenstein.

1979 - 1982 apprenticeship for Carpenter until 1986  working as carpenter

1983 - 1986 post study course for foreman in building operation

1990 - 1993 apprenticeship for stone mason until 1998 working as stone mason 

1996 - 1998 course and a master degree for stone mason

since 1993 independent in his own workshop and studio


No doubt Eckhard Wollwage belongs to the most popular and interesting sculptors in Liechtenstein at the present time. Rather unusual is his career and his many-sided education. The influence of artistically interested parents as well as playing with natural materials and earth influenced his childhood and youth. The affinity to natural grown raw material, as for example wood, allowed him experiments with turnery and carpentry. His professional career did not show very satisfactory until his courses for foreman in building operation, although, as he tells today, the problems that came up on historical buildings were a good challenge for him.

Today the sculptor tells in a contented statement how important these individual steps were in his education for his final situation of today. From working with the complicated geometry that is an essential component for carpentry and the stone mason, did grow the understanding for sculpturing. Specially the concentration on surface area and the resolution of rounding into areas became an absolute measure for him. 

Besides the challenge with analytical thinking the working techniques, specific for the different materials is very important for both professions. From this experience and based on a sound understanding of nature, developed a sensibility for the work piece and specially for stone that became 1995 very promising for the future sculptor . 


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