Every human is unique and therefore not comparable. A whole life long we are surrounded by others who recognise this uniqueness. Only death, it is said, makes everyone equal.



There is a memory of a human that passed away. Gravestones tell the stories of these people. Gravestones are a monument of those left behind. 

The homage to life. Beyond death.






A tomb is as unique as the human that passed away. That for me is not only  a question of the technique, it is rather a question of argumentation and explanation. Step by step I am helping you to find the right gravestone. For me to choose the right tomb is also a way to help to overcome grief.





Stones that tell of life and death


No matter if you choose a sandstone from the village Ruggell or a Limestone from the village Balzers in Liechtenstein, or marble from Carrara Italy or a Granite from the Tessin in Switzerland. It will always have much to do with the human for whom you choose the stone in memory of him or her. Also the text should be carefully made. To make everything, the stone, the shape and the text correct, relay  trustful to your stone mason and sculptor.

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